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Half of the Truth, Half of the Time. How the New York Times Discredited A Baltimore Demonstration.

The Page A1 story shows a burning building, attributes only violence and property destruction to “thugs” and “outsiders” and speaks only of rioters and of a police department ‘stretched thin’ by community violence. (The burning building is across town from … Continue reading

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“I don’t see them pulling back.”

There has to be an END to police violence. “I don’t see them pulling back,” he said of the state and its security forces. “They have no problem killing people. They have no problem shooting gas at babies, pregnant people, … Continue reading

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Earthship Employment: 1 million personnel needed to serve as Fair Witnesses in North America.

Job Title: Fair Witness.  Description: Applicants will have the ability to report accurately what they see and hear without extrapolation or making interpretations based upon external or internal influences. Applicants will have received clearance for seeing and hearing accurately without … Continue reading

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The 2015 Authorization To Use Military Force Is A Highly Symbolic Document.

  It is the Authoritarianism: “The President (State of the Union 2012) has held up the military as an example for society to emulate. They don’t question whether their superior officers are misguided; in the President’s words: Most of Al … Continue reading

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NYPD’s new Strategic Response Group: A ‘Sick’ Response to Complaints of Police Violence.

High-handed is not high-minded. See Police Violence also.

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Police Violence.

2014 or 1964. Michael Brown, R.I.P.. Privacy is Only For Police./Not! It is like they are saying, “We can do this to you any day, ….” The problem is police violence not peaceful protest. Before the Human Rights Watch Report. … Continue reading

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