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Full Take.

This is a big story because the part (New Zealand’s seizure of data content) can stand for the whole (NSA and five eyes depth of spying on all populations, globally). ┬áIt means that spy agencies have the capacity and the … Continue reading

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Scraping Visitors’ IPs at Wikileaks, Stealing webcam images from Yahoo users, Reputation Destruction and False Flags through JTRIG.

JTRIG’s bag of tricks listed HERE. If you did not know these things were done by the NSA and by GCHQ you would think they were just ordinary crimes done by criminals. The Wikileaks scrape used software to grab users’ … Continue reading

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NSA News That Never Made It Into The New York Times.

News stories about mass surveillance which have not been reported by The New York Times. What makes these programs different from previously revealed programs? The scale is increased to millions of targets, and no longer passively collecting data, they are … Continue reading

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This net surveillance program (Levitation) supposedly discovers targets whose only ‘crime’ is to have downloaded pre-flagged suspicious files which when downloaded by a user, categorize the user as a target. The user’s IP is then used to search for everything … Continue reading

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The NSA Has Direct Access To Servers.

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Secret Watchlist posts: One, Two & Three.


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Blocking Activists’ Communications and Poisoning The Elephant Waterholes.

  Greenwald describes how groups are deliberately imploded by NSA agents: Find out more about this on Page 194 in his book, No Place To Hide.  

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