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American Torturers.

Giving The World a Green Light To Torture. Army Appendix M. Torture Psychologists Say, “We were just following orders.” Forced Feeding Inmates Is Torture. The point of torture is torture. Better Soldiers Objective After Vietnam Created Torture, ‘no fear’ mentality. … Continue reading

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The Interview. ( media censorship )

Just read the cartoon part at the bottom first.

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Mystification of Americans’ Violations of their Privacy Rights and Follow-Up Mass Surveillance Posts. (#3)

“What I have to do, does not show you what I want to do!” Undercover Agents May be Attorneys, Physicians, Clergy….. No Judicial Review Of Mail Cover. Rand Paul For President. Here’s Why.  The Data Slavery Will Continue. Digital (internet) … Continue reading

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Privacy and Mass Surveillance Follow-Up Posts. (#2)

Privacy Is a Right (not a ‘choice’). Surveillance Whistleblower Driven Out of Government. Luke. There Is One Other. Under a Military Occupation…… iBeacons: buddhist hell/to hear the constant whisper of your desires. Fear, Inc. Privacy is Against the (FBI) Law./s … Continue reading

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Free Speech Nunnery and Follow-Up Mass Surveillance Posts. (#1)

  These follow-up posts represent what I have heard or read since August 2014. Whenever possible, I have hand written down the citation for the news which I was responding to in a graphic cartoon or brief report. Topics include … Continue reading

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A Witness Against War. (Post #4 in a Series)

One big myth about the push to war in the Middle East is the claim that there will be no American boots on the ground. McCain is pushing for troops in Iraq. And even Kerry wanted permission to use ground … Continue reading

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A Witness Against War. (Post #3 in a Series)

Because the Administration operated without fanfare and with the complicity of a compliant and subservient media, the period before the 2014 election was quiet. But Hagel, Kerry and Obama were busy getting agreement and securing future funds for a combat … Continue reading

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